Auto Coverage

Damage to Vehicle Waiver - D.V.W. :

The Hirer is responsible for the full cost of damage or loss to the rented vehicle. This can be reduced or eliminated by the two options of D.V.W. listed below:

  • Option 1 - Limited Liability - The hirer can limit liability for loss/damage to the rented vehicle by paying Damage to Vehicle Waiver (D.V.W.). The D.V.W. charge per day and the liability amounts for each vehicle type is as follows:

  • - Cars = US$15.00 per day/US$750.00
  • - Cars = US$22.00 per day/US$220.00
  • - Suzuki Grand Vitara/Luxury cars = US$25.00 per day/US $1900.00 liability US$30.00 per day /US$1200.00 liability
  • - H1/Hiace Buses/Luxury SUVs = US$30.00 per day/US$1900.00 or US$46.00 per day/US $450.00 liability
  • - H1/ Hiace Buses/Luxury SUVs= US$35.00 per day/U$1200.00 liability

  • N.B. If option 1 is taken, the liability amounts applicable will be taken as deposits. These will be refunded if there is no loss or damage to the rented vehicle.

  • Option 2 - Nil Liability (With T.P.F.) - The Hirer can eliminate his/her liability from the full cost in case of damage/loss to the rented vehicle including road wheels by purchasing the D.V.W. with Tyre Protection Fee (T.P.F.) at a daily cost of US30.00 per day for some cars and US$46.00 per day for buses, Suzuki Vitaras and Luxury cars.

    N.B. If option 2 is taken, a nominal deposit of between US$250.00 and US$450.00 will be required. It will be used if the vehicle is kept overdue and therefore leaving a balance due to us. This deposit is refundable and can be paid by a major credit card.

    Some luxury vehicles may be excluded from this option and will attract a deductible.

    The cost for the purchase of DVW is not refundable.

    Nil Liability DVW coverage is not offered to persons under 23 years of age.

  • Whats's Included:

  • - Loss/Damage to exterior due to collision or theft
  • - Loss/Damage to exterior fixtures e.g. side mirrors, wipers, antennae due to collision or theft
  • - Windscreen damage
  • - Damage to road wheels (tyres, rims, hubcaps)

  • Whats's Not Included:

  • The following are not covered if the vehicle is returned with loss/damage to these interior items and there is no evidence or report of a break-in

  • - Mats
  • - Radio/CD/Tape
  • - Speakers
  • - Tools
  • - Spare Tyres
  • - Vents
  • - Upholstery, Carpets & other Fabric coverings
  • - Lost keys
  • - Damage to undercarriage or engine as a result of negligent operation of the vehicle

Credit Card Auto Coverage:

Fully Covered Cards

Some credit cards offer Collision Damage Waiver (or Damage to Vehicle Waiver) for rentals in the island of Jamaica. Cardholders therefore have the option to decline to purchase our Damage to Vehicle Waiver. However, it is the responsibility of the hirer to verify that this coverage is available in Jamaica before renting. Further verification by our representatives may be required on arrival. To expedite the rental process, cardholder should request a copy of the coverage policy from the issuing bank or card company and present this to the rental agent at the time the vehicle is being picked up. Verification checks should also be made before hand about the types of vehicles that are covered, although most are. A nominal deposit will be taken towards loss/damage. If the amount for loss/damage exceeds that deposit, the additional amount will be called through for. Cardholders, therefore, will be billed on the credit card for the full amount of the loss/damage. Cardholders are entitled to file a claim for reimbursement from their card company. All supporting documentation will be provided for subsequent claims for reimbursement.

Island reserves the right to ask for a security deposit. This deposit is not a payment for CDW insurance.

Cards without Full Coverage

The purchase of Damage to Vehicle Waiver (DVW) is not mandatory. Hirers can choose not to purchase any of our DVW options. Such hirers will be billed for the full amount of the loss/damage. Island reserves the right to ask for a security deposit as a guarantee which could be equivalent of the value of the vehicle. This deposit is not payment for CDW but would be used towards loss/damage. If the damage amount exceeds the deposit, the additional sums would become due.

Personal Accident Insurance
This can be purchased at daily rate of US$7.00. It covers the Driver and passengers in the rental vehicle.

Third Party Insurance
Full third party insurance is included in the rental charges.